Monday, November 26, 2012

10 Interesting facts about Shakespeare

This afternoon, I was reading about William Shakespeare and his works as a part of my course in English Literature and I came upon some interesting facts about him. Here's some for you. 1. After the writers of the Bible, Shakespeare is the second most quoted writer. 2. The word "assassination" was invented by Shakespeare. 3. William Shakespeare, known to be the world's immortal poet and dramatist and regarded to be one of the greatest figures of literature, has not attended university. 4. He wrote his first play, when he around 25 years old. 5. Shakespeare began his career by working as an actor. 6. On an average he wrote two plays a year, thirty seven in all. Apart from this he also wrote 154 sonnets and two long narrative poems. 7. He never published any of his plays. Shakespeare wanted his plays to be performed on stage, and was not interested in having them printed and read. 8. Shakespeare borrowed extensively from all possible sources which included earlier plays, histories and poems. 9. He married Anne Hathway at the age of 18. She was 26 and pregnant at the time of their wedding. They had 3 children together. His only grand daughter died childless. Shakespeare therefore does not have descendants. 10. Nobody knows his actual birthday but he is believed to have lived till he was 52.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rent Portable Accommodation

We have a wide range of mobile and portable accommodation units for hire that will suit a variety of needs including use on building sites as well as: Offices Canteens Toilet Blocks Farm Shops There are too many options to list individually but hiring portable accommodation provides a cost-effective, easy way of meeting your needs. Since these units are portable this type of accommodation does not generally require planning permission. Please give us a call to discuss your exact requirements - we usually find no two needs are the same - and we'll find a unit to suit you.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sell Your House Fast: New Book Offers Advice To Those Eager To ...

As the real estate market continues to rebound many homeowners are wondering if now is the time to sell. No one is interested in having a home remain on the market for a long time which is where, a new book, sell your house fast For The Right Price, comes in. The book features more than two dozen stories of successful home sales in 15+ markets in the United States.with 20 chapters covering both the practical and emotional side of home selling. The book offers strategies for home staging, price setting, and marketing from experienced agents who have sold over 11,500 homes collectively. Several of the Realtors who answer questions in our advice section were featured in the book including Phyillis Harb who is with Prudential California Realty in La Ca?ada, California. Phyillis wrote a chapter for creating your real estate game plan. She told us a little bit more about her work with the book and shared some insight from? with the editor Erica Glessing. How did you get involved in this project? Erica Glessing, chose exceptional real estate professionals from 15 major markets in the United States to provide insights into what works in real estate.? Erica says: ?I chose Phyllis Harb because she shone in her Los Angeles market for her dedication to her profession and her commitment to serve her clients. She stands out both for her track record, but also for her clarity and consistency.? What has the response been to the book so far? The book is just now being released and so far the response is good. ?Clients of our authors are happy to receive the book and seem to be getting a lot of value from ?sell your house fast for the Right Price!?,? explained Erica Glessing, who conceptualized the book to help sellers who had fears or who weren?t clear on how to sell their home. ?I wanted to have the authors demystify price setting so that sellers can experience the best results with the least time. You go on a learning curve when you sell your house, because you haven?t probably done this much in your lifetime. My authors help people leap past the basics so they can sell their house with confidence and experience the best results.?

Friday, November 2, 2012

As a real estate investor you know that the most important element of your business is constant contact. You must cultivate relationships on a constant basis, and of course you need to find homes that would make for quality investments, whether you are seeking to fix-up-and-flip or rent out those properties. An amazing online tool for keeping you ahead of your competitors is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a powerful business networking tool. As a real estate investor, you need to know real estate agents, loan officers, contractors, and title agents in various areas. And–you also need to stay in touch with all those people who may want to sell their houses, or buy houses. You need relationships with all of these people, and LinkedIn is an incredible hub that works. How should you use LinkedIn to further your business? 1. Once you have created your profile, immediately import all of your e-mail contacts. You’ll be told which ones are using LinkedIn and you can send them invitations to view your profile and link up with you. Also, add in all of your networking contacts. Take every business card you have and add those people in, too. When they receive your invitation to link up, they will better remember you and discover an easier, faster way to contact you. 2. Begin joining groups, recommending other businesses, and answering questions. The last thing that you want to do on LinkedIn is sell yourself. Never do this–as a matter of fact, any overly aggressive contact can be viewed as spam and could result in you getting your account terminated.LinkedIn is all about passive contact. * You can build your own group! To do this the right way, choose some broad theme that includes real estate investing under its umbrella. Lead the group in topical discussions about your theme. Be creative in how you get people to join your group. Invite your relevant contacts; place your group on your website; create a group blog; advertise your group or create widget for it to include in your autoresponder e-mails; even invited other real estate investment experts to join (it’s best, of course, to invite those who work in geographical locations where they are not competing with you). * If you give teleseminars or do trade shows, invite your leads and audience member contacts to join your LinkedIn Group. Then you can notify all group members about your forthcoming seminars or other events in the future, so that they come back and visit you again. 3. You can try LinkedIn’s Direct Ads.These work in a similar way to Google AdWords campaigns. You can have targeted ads going out only to relevant LinkedIn members. (They are not sent as spam, don’t worry.) LikedIn already contains 49 million professionals who have average household incomes over $100,000–meaning that you will be reaching out to people who can afford to do business with you